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Our Professional Translators are Native Professional

We offer language translation services in around 240 languages; not only to and from English but rare combinations of languages like German to Chinese etc.

  • Combine the expertise of professional translators & interpreters.
  • Provide expert solutions to each client.
  • Deadlines, once agreed, are strictly adhered to.

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Crystal Translations’s per word pricing for a fully translated text includes translation, editing and proofing (TEP) by separate qualified linguists.

Content Writing

Fastest Professional Content Writing Services by 4000+ certified content writers who offer accurate, fresh, error-free, organic, unique,…


DTP Services

Since the last 5 years, our native DTP experts are offering professional graphic localization services to the…


Dubbing Services

Fastest professional Dubbing Services by 4000+ certified dubbers who offer accurate dubbing Services in 250+ languages for…


Interpretation Services

The domains in which we offer simultaneous interpretation services include: Banking, Engineering, Finance, Hospitality, Human Resources, Insurance,…


Localization Services

Localization refers to the adaptation of documents for foreign audiences. Sometimes a pure translation is all that…



Our skilled and native human technocrats have forte in rendering professional content moderation or brand protection services…



Fastest professional Proofreading Services by 4000+ certified Proofreaders who offer accurate Proofreading Services in 250+ languages for…


Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting services of Crystal Translation Guarantee to convey your message across to a broader audience and…


Why us

Our Professional Translators are Native Professional

Crystal Translation,offers top-notch work at affordable costs. Rates depend on the type of project you set up for translation. As regards review, it’s always 50% extra of the overall cost of translation.

Translators set their own fees and conditions. Bear in mind that you get what you pay for so low quote may not offer the best deal and price should be only one factor in evaluating who should translate your document.

  • Crystal Translation has earned numerous awards,.
  • We charge on a per word basis for translations.
  • We combine the expertise of professional translators & interpreters.

Quality Process Translation Process

3 Verification checkpoints

We understand that you may have several doubts in mind before outsourcing translation.

Affordable costs

Word count measures of the size of a text based on the source or target language.

Certified linguistic teams

A certified translation is a translation that has been reviewed by a certified NAATI translator and deemed to be a true and correct reflection of the source text.

ISO Compliant

We follow strict quality guidelines in each translated assignment, so that the quality standards are met and the client receives a perfectly translated output.

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Crystal Translations, is a leading professional English translation service provider.

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