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In this highly competitive global environment, Crystal Translation understands your need to have projects stay within budget. Thus, we have implemented a quote process that is designed to provide you with the greatest amount of accuracy and precision regarding pricing prior to starting any translation project. One way we accomplish this precision is to quote using a price-per-word methodology. This, in our opinion, is the fairest pricing method and provides our clients with lower costs and more transparency.

Quotes per Source Word Count

Our translation rates follow the language translation industry standard, where every translation is priced “per source word” where feasible. The source word is the current language of your document and these are simply counted to derive the total cost. This enables us offer you a firm, fair and final price before you commit your project to us as opposed to per page or per line pricing. We only use this methods for costing when your file is in an uneditable format and cannot be easily counted.

Using a source word count will avoid the hassle and confusion of having only an estimated word count of final translation (target) and eliminate any unpleasant surprises at the time of invoicing. Furthermore, our experience has shown that clients save money when using our pricing methodology as the source documents tend to have fewer words than the final (target) translated documents. Clients can save between 20-30% under our pricing methodology.

Crystal Translation will provide you with a free quote at the budgeting phase to provide you with clear numbers prior to commencing a project and help you assess whether a certain translation project is right for you at this time.

In these instances, we have found that pricing is more accurate when using the target language word count versus the source word count.

Text Contraction and Expansion for Different Language Pairs

Based on statistical industry-wide evidence and our own experience from translating millions of words annually, translating to and from certain languages will result in either text expansion or text contraction. This can have an impact on costs as well as the formatting of the translated document. Translated documents with text expansion may need to be modified to accommodate more text. In the case of legal documents or documents regulated by a government agency, desktop publishing or recreation services may be necessary to ensure that the final document complies with the legal text size and page number requirement.

At Crystal Translation, we provide our client with the most competitive pricing and the highest quality in the industry. We are proud of our ability to provide high-quality translations while saving your organization money on every project. To take advantage of our free quote tools, please send us the documents you plan to translate. If the project involves a large amount of words and is format sensitive, we will provide you with a free translation test to determine the impact that any potential contraction or expansion may have on the final output.

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