Transcription is the systematic process of converting live or recorded audio files into a written document in the desired language.

Fastest professional Transcription Services by 4000+ certified transcribers who offer accurate transcription Services in 250+ languages for the government, public and private sectors. The process of transcription is designed to simplify the complex barriers of different language and accents which exist in today’s global world to make it a competitive advantage for one’s business desire. Since there are multiple languages are encouraged in today’s world and competency in all the languages is not possible for an individual. Adroitness in all the languages being spoken in this world is beyond anyone’s’ imagination. But there has to be some way to get permanently rid of such obstacle for the sake of global aspiration businesses looking for a debutant entry to the overseas market. But the question is how such businesses could survive without having a proficiency in native languages they wish to target. Now it is not possible for one to be professionally familiar with every language or dialect hence comes in the requirement of transcription which allows these language barriers to disappear and ensure that the knowledge or information is easily within the reach of the people.

What is Transcription?

Transcription is the systematic process of converting live or recorded audio files into a written document in the desired language. For conducting smooth and clear communication level between two parties accurate understanding of information contain in files is vital in order to avoid any sort of misunderstanding and disputes between them. With the advent of online merchandising, the unconditional assistance of skilled transcriber become an essential element for ensuring the flawless conversion of information for companies who promote and sell their products in this venue. By presenting text versions of the audio and video content in a professional presentable format, companies can enjoy the higher level of clients trust and retain future long-term business as a result.

Need of Transcription Services

A key goal of every business is to find ways that conduct the smooth level of understanding with whom they shared their information whether confidential one. Your company may have audio, video or documents in a variety of languages, imparting crucial information for someone who is in need of such information. Businesses that fail to maintain such communication are at a risk of losing ground to competitors, losing pivotal clientele, or simply operating inefficiently. This circumstance creates a scenario to have the assistance of a polished transcription service to eliminate the languages barrier from your path to attain global success.

Boost Sales: The transcription is a rigorous process and since you are not adroit to this profile you need the support of an experienced novice transcriber. It acts as a reliable proof of your commitment for your international customers by presenting transcripted information, especially in their native language. When worldwide customers and prospects get the information in their native tongue, they will consider you as a trustworthy source to deal with and often recommend your service to others also.

A Global Hit: If you’re organizing a seminar or a press conference, a lot of people might not follow it or might not be able to attend it. Still, you have the option to make your event as fruitful as you want it to be by offering them a transcribed document of your event. The fundamental strategy behind this is that you won’t be a global name until and unless you gain access to their native language. So, you are indeed to adopt the culture and language of your targeted audience in a matter to persuade them towards your business sake which fulfills their needs automatically.

Boost ROI: This is one another lucrative benefits stitched with the transcription of a rich content to enjoy higher returns on investment. Investment in the conversion of audio or video files into the native language of targeted area proves to be a fruitful asset in order to establish strong roots in the overseas market and allow you to focus on your business operations without any further interruptions. No longer you will have to suffer through laborious hours of as the service cherish you quality and error-free conversion of your files in a minimal amount of time. Your business will continue to thrive as your company concentrates on what it does best – serve its customers.

Access to Global Market: Professional transcriber possess the relevant industry experience and skills to transcript your document quickly and accurately in an authentic manner to go along with any general transcription. Hiring such specialized service of professional access to take a successful entry into the worldwide market and achieve the desired success by capture the attention of the worldwide audience.

When considering a global success for your business think about these ways that it can add value to your business profile. In shorter and simpler terms service of a transcriber can meet your demands for multiple languages at your budget. It can also help you with your simple requests, demands and offer services for more detailed and complex tasks. Allow a professionally specialized novice to transcribe your audio and video files to keep your operations on track while providing plenty of flexibility to your company.

Major Types of Transcription

Our team of dexterous transcribers comes from a multitude of backgrounds to ensure that your transcript expectations 100% met. Our Team consists of professional language experts, which are extremely qualified for a handling a wide range of industries such as corporate, academic, industrialist, legal, entertainment, government, police, market research etc. that ensure that the transcript you receive is accurate and within the proposed deadline. We take immense pleasure in catering a variety of transcription services such as:

  • Academic Transcription
  • Conference Transcription
  • Focus Group Transcription
  • Market Research Transcription
  • Multilingual Transcription
  • Online Transcription
  • Language Transcription
  • Transcription pairs
  • Industry Transcription
  • Audio Transcription
  • Video Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Business Transcription
  • General Transcription
  • Sermon Transcription
  • Medical Transcription

Although these are the most common types of services that we render to industries which include – medical, scientific, finance, legal, insurance, academic, authors, technology, research, publications, communications, reporting, consulting and more. Our frontier is not limited to this much only we apprehend our approach to transcribe all types of recording, which include interviews, meetings, conferences, teleconferences, focus groups, presentations, reports, and scope of works, panel discussions, surveys, and hearings. In case of any other form of tr your documents are in need, you can reach out to us with your requirements and our team will assist you in any way possible.

Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription Services to Us

Hiring an in-house team of can be time-consuming and costly for you to transcribe in-house as compared to the cost involved in outsourcing the same. Hence, if you are on a lookout for such services, we are here to help you with a talented team of experts. We understand the importance of preserving the confidentiality of your files and guarantees complete stealth process ensuring that all the source files, as well as the final information, get back to you as per the guidelines set by us for our work process. Apart from our primary benefit we offer you quick turnaround in addition to a series of other flexible advantages that your company will benefit from.

Our experienced professionals allow you to focus on your core work rather than investing your time in the tedious job of making the document or source understandable for your use.

You can get your file transcripted into multiple languages as well as in desired formats ensuring maximum accuracy and time efficiency. We go the extra miles to ensure your work is completed efficiently and cost-effectively.

We know you have deadlines and we share your sense of urgency – if you require a transcription of any document whatever be the format you need, we will do everything in our power to ensure you get it.

Opt for our thorough service if your business constantly going through the phase of language barrier due to lack of skills in multiple languages. Get perfect prose from our skilled transcribers and raise your benchmark high even in the most prone areas.

At TridIndia, we believe in giving quality work which ensures maximum accuracy, confidentiality and time efficient results to our clients making sure that they are completely satisfied and look forward towards establishing long-term work bond with us. If you are looking for experiencing quality work in the field of transcription, then do get in touch with us today and make your work easier. We give you all the benefits of a perfect outsourcing vendor with a sheer commitment towards quality, affordability, and professionalism.

Why Choose Us?

Since we are adroit in transcribing any forms of complex documents for years enable us to know all the ins and outs of the industry. We could be the butter for your breaded documents which swept smoothly over its surface and help you save a lot of time, expended energy and, of course, valuable money.

  • Accurate and customer retention Results
  • Express turnaround time
  • Cost savings and within your budget
  • Adopt transparent work process
  • Customised as per your needs and requirements
  • Dedicated team of extremely qualified and trained transcribers
  • Maintain complete confidentiality and secrecy of document
  • Guarantee error-free and flawless service

We take immense pride in our quality work that we deliver to our esteemed clients and genuinely believe that quality is a passion shared by everyone within the company. To this end, we continually delivered transcripts at the highest standards of accuracy, on time, and at very competitive rates. If you are looking for professional quality work in the field of transcription, then do get in touch with us today and make your presence feel in every corner of the world.

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